We pride ourselves on supporting each other towards our goals and sharing in those successes. Whatever those goals may be, we all come together under one roof to improve ourselves in one way or another.

Here we are coaches, athletes, friends and family.

We are Amity CrossFit.


Performance means something different to everyone. To some it may mean making a personal best on a heavy lift, while to others it may mean staying focused throughout the day when working on a big project at the office. Maybe both! Whatever your performance goals are, the key is proper nutrition.

Our stance on nutrition is simple. Eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no processed sugar. Find these foods in the highest quality available to you and consume them in amounts equal to and not above your activity levels.

If fitness was a pyramid these simple principles would be the base. Optimizing your own nutrition will maximize your results in the gym and your energy levels outside of it.


It is difficult to describe a training program at any length, but one word captures the core of what we do at Amity: progression.

We seek to see our clients progress consistently over a lifetime. To this end we use scientific methodology to carefully formulate training programs designed to promote specific physical adaptations to training.

Pairing our progressive training style with high level coaching to ensure proper execution we deliver the most comprehensive training possible to our clients.