The Open so Far

Chris makes a PR clean and jerk as time runs out on 15.1a with Cindy cheering him on the background. Click the picture for all the photos from open so far!

The open has been a blast at Amity CrossFit so far. Everyone is super pumped to do their best and make it through as many reps as possible, or even PR their clean and jerk as it happened for a few athletes. It’s a great time of year for CrossFit, the sun is starting to shine, many people who would never be involved in a physical competition are finding new things out about themselves, and we are all doing it together!

That’s my favorite part so far. Being able to work out with my members helps me feel more connected. I spent a large part of the past two years involved with competitive weightlifting, which I loved, but it was very separate from CrossFit. Watching everyone throw down together makes me feel so inspired, especially since I get to be a part of it this time around.

From the athlete doing a scaled version of the scaled workout, to the athlete fighting for just a few total reps in the Rx category, to the people challenging themselves to really go hard and get a ton of reps, we all have one thing in common, we are all trying our very best for those few minutes. When it hurts and when we feel tired, we can feed off one another’s energy to keep pushing forward. The cheers helped me get a lot closer to finishing my round of 16 on 15.2 today than would have happened otherwise today. Thanks for that.

This is such a cool process and I want to take this time to invite you, if you haven’t signed up officially, to come in next Saturday and complete the open workout with us. We can scale however you need, or you can learn how to judge a competitor if you’re not yet comfortable pushing yourself to that level just yet. Either way, it will be fun to have more people, and we can all get to know some of the members who may come at different times than we do.

I’m also going to be staying after each open workout and training for another hour or two. Feel free to stick around for a little open gym atmosphere. I’ll be happy to give you some pointers or some ideas for things you can practice. It will be a good opportunity to do some extra squats, or to work on body weight skills like strict pull ups and push ups.

Let’s keep up the hard work through the open. Use these workouts to test ourselves and find out where we are lacking. Are we too weak, not flexible enough, or simply not conditioned enough to handle what our body is capable of? The open is well-rounded and will tax us from all angles. By the end we should all have a good idea about which skills we will be practicing to get ready for next year. Write your challenges and goals down as they develop and we can conquer them together.

See you next Saturday!