Two Great Resources For Learning How To Lift

When you first start CrossFit your coaches are sage-like possessors of wisdom unfathomable. They guide you, teaching you how to control your body so that your heels stay on the ground when you squat, developing your body’s ability to hinge at the hip and keep the spine secure with the infamous “core” muscles, and inundating you with arbitrarily named exercises that are supposed to help you get more fit. 

After a while, you decide that these strangely named exercises are fun and challenging. You want to get better at your snatch and clean and jerk. Unfortunately, your coaches seem to be bothered when you call them at 1130 at night demanding they explain to you intricacies of these movements, so that you can be better prepared for tomorrow’s workout.

No need to panic. Your coaches need sleep, and if you’re up at 1130 the night before working out, so do you. There are some great resources available to you where you can see quality demos of Olympic Weightlifting movements and the accessory work that is commonly paired with this type of training.

The number one resource for all things Olympic weightlifting is Catalyst Athletics. From having the most extensive exercise library I am aware of, to free training programs, to articles that are both informative and engaging, this site simply can not be beat.  All of the information here can be trusted to be accurate and the exercise demos are performed correctly as well.

Another great resource for some really great technique in action is the @hookgrip instagram account. He travels to weightlifting events around the world capturing the absolute best lifters in the world. His videos contain a bit of commentary as well, so you can become familiar with the elite athletes in the sport and become a bit of a fan in the process.

These two should be more than sufficient for anyone new to the sport. Where you want to stay away from is YouTube. Many people have developed the ability to speak clearly and confidently and present poor information in a way that sounds great. With more experience you will learn to discern the difference between those who know what they are talking about, and those who do not. 

Getting started and learning is a fun process. And you only get to be a true beginner once. Make sure to start that process on the right foot by getting quality coaching in your home gym and accessing the best sources available in your free time. Learning the right way initially will keep the progress rolling and eliminate the need for correcting pesky bad habits years down the road.