Training 11-30-15 to 12-6-16

These week is all about gathering data I can use to better write our next block of programming. The week may look like some of the days don't have too much volume and that's an accurate observation. Each day is going to test 1 or more elements of your fitness. The more consistent you can be this week, the more data I will have at my disposal to develop the next line of training for you all. Happy testing.

-Coach Zack


A: Deadlift @22x1 - Heavy 1; RAN
Row Repeats Test

Row 30s @100% Effort x 4; Rest 30s
*maximum effort on each set. Stay in the rower until all 4 cycles have been completed.
Elbow Side Planks - Accumulate 2 Min/side


A: Wtd Pull Up - Build to a 1 RM

B: DB Lunges 8/side not alternating - Build to a heavy set of 8
*rest as needed between sets

C: Push Ups - 2 min max reps starting with a maximum unbroken set


A: Front Squat - 1 RM

B1: 2 kb Front Rack Carry 35m x 3
B2: Strict Wtd HLR (Knees to chest) - 8-10 x 3
B3: Pigeon Pose - 30s/side x 3


Take 15 Min to build to 1 Heavy Push Press
2k Row Test


A: 18 Min AMRAP

15 Box Jump w/step down
12 Push Press 115/75
9 Toes to Bar

Rest 5

B: Hollow Hold - 30s x 4; rest 60s


5 Rds 

400m Run
30 Box Jump w/step down 24”/20”
30 Wall Ball 20# to 10’/14# to 9’