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Competing in the middle of the pack- by Kristina Vetter

In this blog post, I want to discuss competing and setting goals from the perspective of a 53 year old woman who typically ends up squarely in the middle of the pack. This is partly self-serving, because it’s really fun to get a group from a gym together to compete at an event, but I also offer this perspective in the hope that it will help some of you as we enter the CrossFit Open, and maybe encourage more people to participate.

The CrossFit Open can be a tricky thing. It is extremely exciting, and I love the sense of community that develops in our gym. I love seeing the superstars crush it, and I get a renewed sense of appreciation for what is possible for the human body. However, it can also be challenging. For me, sometimes the mental game is a lot harder than the workout. After all, the workout only lasts a few minutes, while the frustration/disappointment can potentially persist for days. So here’s what I’ve learned in the last few years:

One strategy that works for me is to have three goals for each CrossFit Open workout. The first goal should be something that you feel pretty confident about, the second should be doable but hard, and the last one should be a stretch goal. Sometimes, my first goal has less to do with physical performance, and more to do with emotional state. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but my first goal for 17.5 last year (10 rounds of 9 thrusters and 35 double unders) was to not cry. My second goal was to do at least two rounds Rx, and my third (ambitious) goal was to do the whole workout Rx under the cap. I did it, even though it took over 36 minutes. That was a pretty horrible workout for me.

Another strategic point for me at least is that I am very careful about is when/if I look at how my score measures up worldwide. Early on, I had a couple of experiences in which I posted my scores early and thought that I might have a chance to make the Masters Qualifier. Hah! Of course, more scores tricked in, and my hopes dwindled as my name fell down through the ranks. Now, if I choose to look at standings at all, I try to use other people’s scores as goal setting tools, rather than a reflection of myself as an athlete.

Something else that I try to remind myself is that nothing comes for free. I have not been the lucky recipient of CrossFit Open magic when some skill that had previously eluded me suddenly becomes available, although I have seen that happen to other people. I try to remind myself that I can’t be judgmental about the performance of a task that I have not practiced on a regular basis. I try to approach those workouts with a beginner’s mindset. When planning goals for one of those workouts, my goals are more in terms of mindset, with only the third or reach goal being one rep of the desired skill.

Ultimately, though, my overarching goals are to: not get hurt, to have fun, and to set new performance goals for the rest of the year. Happy Open everyone!




(A) Power Clean + Power Jerk – 5 x 2


(B) 3 RFT

·      10 power clean

·      15 burpee box jump overs


(C1) Hollow hold – 3 x 45s

(C2) Russian twists – 3 x 30




(A1) Db bench press  - 5 x 8

(A2) T bar or DB Row 5 x 8



(B) 60s x 5 rounds

·      10 DB thrusters (if these show up in the open it will be 50/35lbs) + max AB calories 

·      rest 3 minutes


(C) Stretch pecs 60s each





(A1) Back Squat – 5 x 3 @ 31X1

(A2) Chin above bar hold – 5 x 15s



(B) AMRAP in 6 minutes

·      12 SA OH DB walking lunges

·      10 push ups

·      8  C2B pull – ups


rest 3 minutes


AMRAP in 6 minutes

·      12 SA DB OHS

·      8 burpees

·      25 double - unders



(C) at least 100 ABMAT sit - ups




(A) Snatch – 10 minutes  to build to heavy set of 3




·      Row 2k

·      Rest 5 minutes

·      Run 800m

·      Rest 5 minutes

·      100/75 calories assault bike









18.2 TBD



Sunday - Yoga