Monday, March 12th - Sunday, March 18th

We are 3 out of 5 weeks into the CrossFit Open, and hopefully we have all been able to test our fitness, and see what we need to work on. If this is your first Open, you will get to see how much progress you will have made when this fun time comes up next year. 

Our strength, speed, aerobic capacity, stamina, and things of the like can be tested with workouts, but there is only one way to accurately measure our body composition. Next Monday, BodySpec will be here measuring body fat. You can make an appointment by clicking here.

I highly encourage everyone to test this regularly as a gauge to see if you are making progress. If not, then we can sit down and discuss what factors we might need to change in order to help proliferate your results.

Are we getting enough sleep?

Are we staying hydrated throughout the week?

Are we eating out 2 - 3 times a week and getting so many calories that we are throwing off the weeks worth of healthier eating?

If you are getting stronger and more fit, but your body composition is not changing, it might be time to sit down and make a plan. Please email me ( aaron at crosfitamity dot com) if you would like to meet and discuss what we can do to improve.





(A) AMRAP in 8 minutes

·      Row 10/8 calories

·      12 wall ball

·      14 kettlebell swings


Rest 2 minutes


AMRAP in 8 minutes


·      10/8 Assault bike calories

·      10 single arm DB thruster

·      10 DB suitcase lunge


Rest 2 minutes


AMRAP in 8 minutes


·      Run 200m

·      6 C2B pull – ups

·      30 Front leaning rest


(B1) Hollow hold – 3 x 50s

(B2) Russian twists – 3 x 30




(A) Snatch – 10 x 1 OTM


(B) Snatch segment Deadlift (inch, knee, high thigh) – 4 x 3



·      10s max calories assault bike, rest 2 minutes

·      10s max calories assault bike, rest 2 minutes

·      60s  max calories assault bike


(C1) Ab wheel – 3 x 12 – 15

(C2) 3 x 30s weighted plank





(A) Deadlift – 5 x 3 @ 32X1


(B) Alternating every minute (1 exercise per minute)


·      20s hollow rock

·      8 DB step ups

·      30s handstand hold

·      6 burpee box jump overs

(C1) Ab wheel – 3 x 12 – 15

(C2) 3 x 30s weighted plank




(A) DB split squat – 4 x 8 each




(B) 10 rounds, 30s on, 30 rest


·      assault bike or row


(C) side plank - 4 x 45s








18.4 TBD