Monday, May 7th - Sunday, May 13th

We will be holding a beginners kipping class, and an advanced kipping class on Sunday, May 20th. Each class will be limited to 10 participants. Please reserve a spot online via ZenPlanner if you would like to attend. Please do not reserve if you are not certain that you can make it, as it will take a spot from someone else.

There are still some spaces left for the BodySpec Dexascan this Wednesday. I highly encourage everyone to do this at least a couple times a year to see if your body composition is improving. You can register via the BodySpec website here.




(A1) Deadlift – 2 RM

(A2) Ring Dip – 2 RM


OTM x 5

1: 5 KBS + (Max AB Calories in 15s)

2: 5 Wall Balls + (Max Burpees in 15s)


At the 12:00mark:


For time:

2 rounds

18 WB

18 KBS


(C1) Hollow hold – 3 x 35s

(C2) V – ups – 3 x 18





(A1) Tall snatch + OHS  5 x (2 + 1)

(A2) Weighted pull – up – 5 x 2


4 rounds rest as needed between movements


12side DB Reverse Lunges (mod-challenging weight)


12 side Kneeling Single Arm DB Press


35s Arms Only Assault Bike


15 beat swings – practice controlling rhythm


8 Box Jumps 


(C) Ab wheel – 3 x 10 - 15



[Keep weights light and snappy, should be at a pace in which you never stop moving]



300m/250m row

8 Burpee Over Rower (step over if need)

16 DB Overhead Lunge

16 Side Plank Hip Raises


Rest 8 minutes



16/9 cal AB

16 Barbell Front Rack Lunges (75/55)

30 FLR Shoulder Taps

30 Double Unders/50 Singles



(A1) Jerk – 2 RM

(A2) strict pull – up – 3 sets for max reps


3 rounds for time

rest = work;

2 rounds for time

rest = work;

1 round for time  


6 Power Clean

6 Shoulder to Overhead

6 No Push Up Lateral Burpee Over Bar

6 Pull Ups




(C) Side plank – 3 x 35s each



(A) Back squat – 2 RM




Toes to Bar/Knee Raises

Burpee Over Bar

Thrusters (<=95/65)

[go back to beginning if finish]




350m run

5 Heavy Farmers Carries from Rig to AB and back

10 (High) Box Jump Overs

15s Chin Over Bar hold

20 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

25 Wall Balls

30s/side Side Plank

35 Double Unders/50 Single

40s FLR

18/10 AB cal