Monday, January 14th - Saturday, January 19th

Don’t forget to register a spot for each of you kids that will be participating in our 9 am kids class this Saturday.

Keep you eye out for announcements on the CrossFit Open, which will run from February 21st to March 25th.

Instructions for 5/4/3:

Start with a moderate set of 5, and then, either: (a) stay at that weight for another set of 5; (b) drop down to 4, but stay at that weight; (c) increase weight incrementally for another set of 5; or (d) increase weight for a set of 4; (e) and so on; ending with at least one (or more) sets at 4, and at least one set (or more) of 3.

Always go *by feel* for the day;

Maintain movement quality as best as possible throughout.

Do not push until failure/no max attempts – drop sets and or weights if needed.  




OT75s x 9

5/4/3 Push Jerk


OT75s x 9

1-3 Strict Pull Ups (weighted if good quality), with 3-5s negative lowering for last rep;



7 Burpees

14 Wall Ball Push Presses

21 Double Unders/42 Single Unders

Max (-1) (kipping) Pull Ups or Ring Rows

Rest 30s-1min by feel


*Alternate order every round., e.g., round 1 start with burpees; round 2 start with Max (-1) Pull Ups; round 3 start with burpees; etc.


COS Iron A-T-Y protocol





7 Close Grip Bench Press

7 DB Power Clean

100m run

Rest 30s-1min by feel


(Rest 4)



7 Double KB Sumo Deadlifts

7 Push Ups

12/10 cal row

Rest 30s-1min by feel


(Rest 4)



6 Burpee over Box

6-8/3-5 cals Arms only AB

6-8/3-5 cals Legs only AB

Rest 30s-1min by feel         




OT2M x 9

5/4/3 Front Squat

               *Try to beat weight @ set of 5, and or 4, and or 3 from last week if possible;


00:00 – 8:00

OTM x 4

1: 6-8 DB Hang Squat Cleans

2: 20-30s of Double Under/Single Under [consistent]


*EASY AB during remaining time after movement


Rest 2


10:00 – 18:00

OTM x 4

1: 10-15 Wall Balls

2: Max (-1) Pull Ups


*EASY continuous box or 45# plate step ups for remaining time after each movement




A. High/Hip Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean – Build to a heavy (1+1) for the day

B. 3-Position Clean Grip Deadlift – 3 sets of 3 reps


200m run, into:



Deadlift (<=95/135)

Toes to Bar/Knee Raises



200m run


(cap 12)


COS A-T-Y protocol as needed       




OT2M x 9

5/4/3 Back Squat

               *Try to beat weight @ set of 5, and or 4, and or 3 from last week if possible;


Two sets through:


OT75s x 3

3 Pull Ups + 3 Thrusters + 3 Burpee over Bar

OT75s x 2

4 Pull Ups + 4 Thrusters + 4 Burpee over Bar

OT75s x 1

5 Pull Ups + 5 Thrusters + 5 Burpee over Bar




(move on only if speed can be maintained – note different ordering of movements from last week, see if it makes difference)




Teams of 2; rest as needed between blocks.


For time:

1500-2000m row


*Person A can row only whilst the other is holding weighted wall sits;


For time:

80-120 cal AB


*Person A can bike only whilst Person B is SA Farmer Carry Walking (mod-tough weight)


For time:

100-150 Wall Balls


*Every time someone breaks, 100m run together.