Monday, January 28th - Saturday, February 2nd

There are 9 spots left to have a DexaScan (most accurate way to test body fat percentage) tomorrow. Sign up here.

Please sign up for our in house competition that will be held on Saturdays from 2/23 to 3/23 here.

You might see long time member Kristina shadowing classes and leading warm ups as she is getting ready to coach in the near future.


A. In 10 minutes, build to a 5RM Front Squat for the day;

B. Max Reps (-1) without grinders @ ~75% of (A); rest 2 min between sets,

x 2-4 by feel


OTM x 10

4 DB Power Clean (<=40/30) + 4 Wall Ball


*+1 every minute for each movement.

**If unable to complete requisite number of reps in the minute, rest the next minute and then AMRAP

4 WB + 4 DB PC during remaining time


C1. 30s FLR with Feet on Wall Ball

C2. 5-10/side COS Archer Pulls

x 2-4




Not for time, quality focus:


350m run

100ft Heavy Farmer’s Carry or Sandbag Carry

24-35 Strict (Weighted) Pull Ups (in sets of 3-5 or smaller)

25 KBS

30-40 Seated DB Arnold Presses (tough) (in sets of 10 or smaller)

100ft Heavy Farmer’s Carry or Sandbag Carry

350m run



8-10 Empty Barbell Bicep Curls

10-20 Bear Crawl Position Shoulder Taps

100m jog





10s AB @ 97%+ effort; then:

2 rounds:

20/35 Double Under/Single Under

7 No Push Up Burpee

50ft DB Walking Lunges


1:00 AB @ 50% effort

Rest until you can go hard again


(rest 5)



20s row @ 97%+ effort; then:

2 rounds:

7 DB Hang Squat Cleans

7 Lateral Burpee over Rower

(step over or jump)

4-10 Toes to Bar with quality


1:00 row @ 50% effort

Rest until you can go hard again


(<=20/35) – keep middle portion as aerobic as possible




A. High/Hip Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean Build to a heavy (1+2) for the day

B. 3-Position Clean Grip Deadlift – 3 sets of 3-5 reps, form priority


OT3M x 5

10 KB Deadlifts (tough)

5-10 Pull Ups/Ring Row

5 Shuttle runs*

5-10 Push Ups (Weighted if quality)


*1 Shuttle Run = 25ft there and back; total 250ft of running


C1. 8-10/side KB Halos

C2. COS External Rotation 10-12/side

x 2-3




OT90s x 9

4/3/2 Back Squat


For time:


1000m row or 1.6/1.2 mi AB

7 Thrusters

7 Burpee over Bar

500m row or 0.8/0.6 mi AB

9 Thrusters

9 Burpee over Bar

250m row or 0.4/0.3 mi AB

11 Thrusters

11 Burpee over Bar




[cap 19]


*aim: start with a comfortable pace, build/maintain a good pace throughout, such that you can push at the end




Teams of 2:


5 rounds, every 1:00, rest 20s between movements; one partner works at a time.

(partners can use different weights/balls/boxes as needed)


1: Max Wall Ball

2: Max Russian KBS

3: Max SA DB Shoulder to Overhead

4: Max AB cals*

5: Rest


*if big height difference find a medium position that works for both partners.