Monday, February 18th - Saturday, February 23rd

Please check out the modified Monday schedule. Happy Presidents Day!!

We still need more people to participate in our CrossFit Open workouts for the next 5 Saturdays. We will start at 9 am and it will likely go until 1030 or 11 depending on the workout. Please sign up on our Google doc here.

If you want to register via CrossFit and see where you stand worldwide, register here.



A.OT90s x 9

3/2/1 Back Squat

*1s not to failure.



10 Toes to Bar/5 Ring or Bar MU

20 2-DB Hang Power Snatch

30 Wall Ball




Challenge: 2 rounds


A1. 30s Reverse Plank (elbow or hands)

A2. 8-10/side COS Archer Pulls     




A. 10 minutes to build to a tough 1RM Push Press, and then move on


Not For Time – quality focus; rest as needed b/w movements


5 rounds


1-2 Supinated Strict Pull Ups/Ring Row @31x1

8-10 DB Z Press

10-30s of Scapular Compression on dip bar or ring support  - pause at top for maximum compression and then slow eccentric to back to support position

10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Supinated Strict Pull Ups/Ring Row (need not be unbroken, can be weighted if quality can be maintained)

10-12s Assault Bike @near max effort           




Two series through;

Rest 2 between blocks;


Rounds 1, 3, 5: AMRAP

Rounds 2, 4, 6: One Round For Time (rest remaining time plus the next 2 mins)



35 DU/50 SU

10 Alternating DB Thrusters

10 Pull Ups

10 Alternating DB Thrusters



14/12 cal Row

10 2-DB Power Clean and Jerk

10 Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows

10 2-DB Power Clean and Jerk



10/7 cal AB

25ft DB Crossbody Walking Lunges (one arm down, one arm up)

10 Burpees

25ft DB Crossbody Walking Lunges (alternate)




COS A-T-Y as needed       




On a running clock


00:00 – 10:00

In 10 minutes, build to a 3RM Front Squat for the day;

10:00 – 11:00


11:00 – 20:00

OT45s x 12

1 rep @ 3RM weight or lower with speed/form priority; reduce weight if speed/mechanics significantly deteriorate




Start at a ~75% effort pace for first 100m or 5/3 cal, and each subsequent 100m or 5/3 cal, row or AB faster until RPE = 9+/10 RPE; rest to recovery and go again;

Sprint last 30s-1min.

*you choose starting pace and how much faster you want to get each time, but keep consistent.


A. 8-10/side COS External Rotations

B. 30s FLR Shoulder Taps

x 2-3      




*instructions for Open athletes:

For (A): keep weights moderate;

For (B): keep effort between 75-85%; if 19.1 has DB movement, substitute KBS for DB movement @35/20# with technical focus;

For (C): OK to push, but don’t “go there”


A. Clean Grip TnG Deadlifts

5-5-4-4-3-3; rest 2 between sets

*speed/form priority




20s shuttle run

20s KBS*

20s DU/SU

20s Box Jumps



30s work/30s rest on AB or Row @85-90%

x 5-8 by feel/time




19.1; or:


Rest as needed between blocks:


For time:

750m row

21 Russian KBS

500m row

15 Lateral Burpee over Rower

250m row

9 Strict Supinated Pull Ups

1000m row


For time:

30/24 cal AB

21 KB Deadlifts

20/16 cal AB

15 Twister Burpees

10/8 cal AB

9 Push Ups/Handstand Push Ups

40/32 cal AB