Monday - February 25th - Saturday, March 2nd

Here are photos, taken by Richelle of the first week of the Open.

Thursday we will be offering “bring your friend/coworker/weird cousin day.” If you know anyone that is interested in coming in to try a class, please email me in advance so that I can send them a waiver and reserve a spot for them.

Our first workout of the Open is over, though I am sure many of us will be feeling it in our legs for the next few days. Thank you to everyone that showed up and made it a fun day. Let’s keep the momentum over the next month!

Team points have been added to the spreadsheet, start planning on racking up as many points for your team over the next 4 weeks.



Working through with consistency throughout the session:


A1. DB Bench 8-10 @ 21x1; rest as needed

A2. KB Deadlifts 8-10 @21x1; rest as needed

A3. 10-30s of Scapular Compression on dip bar or ring support - pause at top for maximum compression and then slow eccentric to back to support position; rest as needed

x 3-4


5-10 rounds for QUALITY – no grinding


2 strict pull ups/ring row (tough band or angle)*

4 good quality push-ups**

8 Double DB Hang Power Snatch (<=40/25)



**strict HSPU

[pick either RMU/BMU or HSPU, but not both unless proficient in both]



 40 minute time cap

Sustainable pace throughout: aim is to grow into session and finish session feeling good, not hanging on;


3 sets @~80-85% effort

20/15 cal AB or 500m row

25ft DB Walking Lunges

8 Burpees

25ft DB Walking Lunges

20/15 cal AB or 500m row

Rest 2


3 sets @~80-85%

250m Row or 10/8 cal AB

25ft Walking Lunges

10 Devil’s Presses

25ft Walking Lunges

250m Row or 10/8 cal AB

Rest 1


1 set for time, go

750m row or 30/24 cal AB






A. In 10 minutes, build to a 3RM Back Squat for the day;

B. Max Reps (-1) without grinders @ ~75% of (A); rest 2 min between sets,

x 2-4 by feel



7 Chest to Bar/Pull Ups/Ring Row

14 DB Power Snatch (<=50/35)


C1. 8-10/side Archer Pulls;

C2. 30-40s Seiza Sit x 2-3/as needed              



A1. Strict Press + Push Press (1+3)

A2. Max (-1) Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows x 1-2 sets without loss of rhythm – do not “hang”

x 4


OTM x 4

1: 6-8 Hang Power Clean and Jerks (<=75/55)

2: 6-8 Burpee over Bar

3: 30/45 Double Under/Single Under or 20-30s of DU/SU attempts


*for 19.2 athletes:

a) for 530/630pm class: if TTB in 19.2 then keep volume low, practice rhythm;

b) Practice bar facing burpee with 2-foot jump into burpee and then 2-foot jump over bar;

c) For OTM choose conservative # of reps such that at the end you feel like you have another round left in the tank, not hanging on;




A. 5-5-4-4-3-3

TnG Clean Grip Deadlift @ mod weight


SLAMRAP 18 @sustained 75% effort

6 Burpee to 6” touch

8 KBS*

6 (High) Box Jump

200m jog

20 FLR Shoulder Taps

20-30s AB @mod-tough pace

Rest as needed


*for 19.2 athlete, sub in DB/Barbell movement @ lower than Rx weight with technical focus (switching hands, barbell cycling, etc). 




Rest as needed between blocks

*if possible, keep effort within each block high, and then rest as needed between to continue high effort.


5 rounds

250m row

9 DB Push Press


5 rounds

10/8 cal

9 KB Deadlifts


5 rounds

9 Ring Rows/Pull Ups

12 Wall Balls


5 rounds

9 Burpee over Box

12 DB Reverse Lunges