Monday, March 11th - Saturday, March 16th

BodySpec will be out doing Dexascans on April 8th. Please schedule through their website if you are interested in tracking your body composition goals.

Friendly reminder that Yoga has been moved to Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. Be sure to come in and get bendy.



Working at your own pace for quality:


In 15 minutes or less, build to a tough set of 3-5 Clean Grip Deadlifts @32x1, and then move on; 

*tempo/positional priority


B1. 8-10 SA Supinated DB Row* @21x1; rest 60s

B2. 8-10 Ring Rows @ challenging angle; rest 1-2

x 3 sets

*tempo/form priority - time under tension focus.


C. On the Assault Bike: try to distribute high effort/output throughout as best as possible:


15s work/45s rest;


30s work/30s rest;


45s work/15s rest;


60s for max cals



[total 7 mins]       




Last 3M of each segment is AMRAP 3


OT3M x 3

6 Toes to Bar or 1-4 RMU/BMU  

8 DB Hang Clean and Jerk  

100m run

Rest 3


OT3M x 3

6 Push Ups  

8 DB Goblet Squat  

10/7 AB Cals

Rest 3


OT3M x 3

6 Pull Ups/6 CTB

8 DB Snatches

10 Wall Balls  




8-10 COS External Rotation

x 2-3/as needed




A. Back Squat 3-5 reps x 5 sets @21x1; rest 2 b/w sets

*tempo/positional priority



OTM x 8

1: X Thrusters @ W

2: Y Bar Facing Burpee


*YOU choose W/X/Y by feel;

 **W/X/Y does not need to be the same for every minute. Change as desired/needed, e.g., can build weight over OTM and decrease reps. 




A. OTM x 10

High Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch (1+2)

*1st minute start with empty barbell. Practice focus; not required to build every minute.

B. 5 minutes of self-directed practice: Sets of 3-6 TnG Power Snatches @<=75/55



20/35 DU/SU

Max (-1/-2) Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbow/Knee Raises*

5 Shuttle Runs

Max (-1/-2) Pull Ups/Chest to Bar*


*keep sets small and manageable; don’t grind/hang, try to find flow, esp. for 19.4 athletes.   


C1. 30s Reverse Plank;

C2. 30s Alternating Archer Pulls – hold position w/ slow eccentric

x 2-3/as needed




A. Strict Press + Push Press (1 + Max (-1) Reps)

x 3-4 working sets



3:00 Row/AB

75ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry

75ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry (alternate arm)

2:00 Row/AB

50ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry

50ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry (alternate arm)

1:00 Row/AB

25ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry

25ft SA Heavy Farmer Carry (alternate arm)

30s Row/AB


[cap 13]


*Start with 80-85% effort pace, building over the workout, so that you can finish with a hard sprint at the end;

**Try to push weight for farmer’s carry – HEAVY DB or KB


COS A-T-Y as needed


**19.4 athletes subject to change     




For quality; aim is to keep moving slowly throughout, NOT for time.

If possible, pair up with a friend and share racks/barbells/alternate between AB and running together:


10 Back Squat/Front Squat/Deadlift

10 Strict Pull Ups/challenging Ring Rows

22/15 cal AB or 350m run



8 S.PU/Ring Row

350m run or 22/15 cal AB



6 S. PU/Ring Row

22/15 cal AB or 350m run



4 S.PU/Ring Row

350m run or 22/15 cal AB



2 S. PU/Ring Row

22/15 cal AB or 350m run


(cap 40)


1) Pick 1 movement: Deadlift, Back Squat, or Front Squat; start with a moderate set of 10, then build incrementally across the workout if possible/desired;

2) Alternate AB and run/ski;

3) Use rack for BS/FS;

4) Reps for BS/FS/DL and pull ups do NOT need to be unbroken; focus on quality, don’t go until failure.

5) Optional: if you are feeling good and have time remaining within cap, build to a 1RM of your movement for the day.