Monday, March 18th - Saturday, March 23rd

We have one more week left of the Open. If you haven’t been participating, it is not too late to come in and give it a shot.

If you have a friend/loved one/coworker that wants to try CrossFit, please reach out to me as we are doing bring your friend day on Thursday.


A. Back Squat 5 reps x 3-4 sets @21x1; rest 2 b/w sets

*tempo/positional priority


OTM x 4

1: X Thruster @ W

2: Y Pull Ups/Ring Row/CTB

3: 100m run/ski

4: Rest


*you choose W, X, Y


C. 8-10 Archer Pulls – 2-3s pause at the top  



A1. 8-10/side Barbell Reverse Lunge; rest 60s between sides

A2. 8-10/side Half-Kneeling DB Bicep Curl to Press; pausing at the top of movement; focus on controlling movement

x 4 working sets


For time:

6 rounds

250m row or 10/7 cal AB

10 DB Hang Power Snatch


[cap 12]



AMRAP 5 x 2; rest 3

3:00 AB @85% effort, directly into AMRAP in remaining time:


6 DB Power Clean

6 Box Jumps


Rest 3


AMRAP 5 x 2; rest 3

3:00 row @85% effort, directly into AMRAP in remaining time:


6 DB Alternating Thruster (two-DB, but alternating arms)

6 Lateral Burpee over Rower



B1. 8-10/side side plank rotations

B2. COS A-T-Y: 3s hold in each position x 2

x as needed          




Working at your own pace:


A. Strict Press 5 x 5 @31x1; rest 2

*tempo priority


B1. SA DB Row @21x1, tempo not weight priority; rest 60s

B2. 8-10 Ring Rows @ challenging angle

x 3 working sets


C. On the Assault Bike: try to distribute high effort/output throughout as best as possible:


30s work/30s rest

x 6

60s for max cals

x 1



A. Clean Grip Romanian Deadlift 6-8 reps @21x1

x 4-5 sets

*Keep weights light and tempo/positional focus.


3:00 AB/row

30 Air Squats

2:00 AB/row

20 1-DB Box Step Up

1:00 AB/row

10 Burpee to 6” target

:30 AB/row


*start with 85% effort, work on increasing aerobic pace.

[cap 13] 



Every 1:40 x 8 @ *sustain* pace throughout – find flow


1: 30s DU/SU + 10-30s Supinated Chin Over Bar Hold w/ controlled negative;

2: 40s AB + 8-10 Crossbody DB Hang Clean and Jerk

3: 40s row + 25ft Walking Lunge (bodyweight)