Monday, March 25th - Saturday, March 30th

And just like that, the Open is over. Thank you for everyone that came out and participated, supported those of us competing, and/or helped judge over the last 5 weeks.

Remember in 2 weeks (from Monday) BodySpec will be out to perform Dexascans. This is the most accurate way to measure your body composition, and it also gives you other cool metrics like bone density, how much your right leg weighs compared to your left etc.. You can schedule a scan through their website here.



Steady state, move blood, find flow, finish feeling strong and ready for the day/week;


OT4M x 10


350m-500m row or 16-22/12-16 cal AB*

50ft Farmer Carry

10 Toe Touching Jumping Jacks

20-30s FLR


*Start conservatively and modulate pace; aim for around 3:00 – 3:30 total work, such that you can feel good going into next round




A. Back Squat 5 reps x 3-4 working sets; rest 2 b/w sets*


OTM x 5

1: 30-45s Shuttle Runs

2: Two broken up sets of X Wall Balls (X = your choice) [e.g., 10 WB, rest 10s, 8 WB]*

3: Rest


8-10 Half Kneeling COS Pallof Press with controlled eccentric

30s Weighted Plank

x 2-3/as needed


*19.5 athletes – go by feel today, depending on recovery/feeling



 AMRAP 5 x 2; rest 3


6 DB Power Clean and Jerk

3 Burpee Box Jumps/Step Ups

and then into

3:00 AB @85%


Rest 3


AMRAP 5 x 2; rest 3


6 Stationary Reverse Lunges (BW)

3 Devil’s Press

and then into

3:00 row @85%


*goal is (a) to try to find paces on AB/row that you can sustain, and then push towards the end; (b) last week the row/AB was before AMRAP 2; notice pace differences.




[compare 3/20]


B1. 8-10 Natural Knee Extension @2020

B2. COS A-T-Y: 3s hold in each position x 2-3

x 2-3/as needed



At your own pace:


A. (Weighted, or challenging band) Strict Supinated Pull Up 3 tough reps @31x1; rest as needed

B. DB SA Z-Press 6-8/side @21x1; rest as needed

x 3-4 working sets

*tempo priority


4-5 rounds

4-8 Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows

10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk

20/35 Double Under/Single Under


[cap 12]          



A. In 10 minutes or less, build to a tough set of 5 Clean Grip Deadlift @32x1 for the day – tempo/form priority

B1. Self-directed # of reps of TnG Deadlift (any grip) with ~80% of weight from (A), but no tempo; rest 60-90s

B2. 8-10 DB Bench Press; rest as needed

x 3-4 working sets



200m run


4-8 Pull Ups/Ring Rows




With a friend, resting as needed between blocks




1) 250/230/215 cal row


*Person A rows whilst Person B completes:


4 Toes to Bar/Knee Raises

8 Wall Balls

100m run


2) 190/165/135 cal AB


*Person A bikes whilst Person B completes


4 Burpee Box Jumps

8 DB Hang Power Snatch

100m run