Please welcome Kristina to our coaching staff. She and I have been working together over the last several months to get her ready. She will start coaching this week.

In case you have unsubscribed from ZenPlanner emails, this was sent out last week:

I am reaching out to share some exciting news about the gym. Earlier this week, I signed a lease on a new building. Cal Ave has been great, but the rent has made it impossible to be able to stay long term. The new building in on El Camino Real (very close to the old location, 4 minute drive from where we are now). 

The best part of the new place is that we have a huge parking lot, where we can once again do things like sled pushes, hit tires with sledgehammers, and all sorts of other fun variations to traditional CrossFit programming.

There is much to do to get the new place ready, but I am hoping for a move within the next 2 - 3 months.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns. Also, the Cal Ave space is available for rent if you, or anyone you know is looking to move their business.


(A) Clean & Jerk*- 8 x (1 + 1) OTM + 5 minutes to work singles at your own pace

(B) Front squat  - Heavy single, go heavier than last week if it’s feeling good.

(C) Run 400m

*Just work on one or the other if you haven’t worked on both over the last few weeks


(A1) A, T, W - 2 x 8 - 12

(A2) serratus push ups - 2 x 8 - 12

(B) Push Press - Heavy Single

(C) 10, 9, 8, …3, 2, 1 reps, not for time

  • chest to bar pull ups

  • push press, no more than 55% of (B)

  • box jump, with step down


(A) Snatch - 8 x 1 OTM, + 5 minutes to work on singles at your own pace.

(B) Snatch pull - 100 - 120% of (A) x 5 x 3

  • AMRAP in 5 minutes

  • 8 burpees

  • 10/7 Assault Bike Calories

(C1) Ab wheel - 3 x 8 - 12

(C2) Side plank - 3 x 30s/each


(A1) 3 x 15 - 20 Reverse V up on rower

(A2) 3 x 8 - 12/each cable rotations

(A3) 3 x weighted FLR - 30s 

(B1) Ab wheel - 3 x 8 - 12

(B2) Side Plank - 3 x 30s/each

(C) AMRAP in 25 minutes

  • Run 800m

  • 12 DB snatch

  • 2 miles assault bike

  • 12 single arm DB thrusters

  • Row 1k

  • max set of unbroken double unders

  • Rest 1 minute


(A1) Ring or Bar Dip - 5 x 4 - 6

(A2) DB row or T bar - 5 x 4 - 6 (add load from last week)

(B) Back squat - heavy single

(C) AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 10 wall ball

  • 10 push ups


Partner workout 




For time:

4 miles assault bike


Partner A bike, while Partner B completes 1 round of:

15 kettlebell swings

9 Burpees

6 pull ups


(rest 3)


For time:

Row 2k


Partner A on AB, while Partner B completes 1 round of:

15 DB snatch

9 Box Jumps w/ step down

6 toes to bar


(rest 3)