Monday, May 21st - Sunday, May 27th

Next Monday, May 28th, we will be celebrating Memorial Day with doing the CrossFit benchmark workout "Murph." The only class will be at 9 am. As always, there are many different ways to scale the workout.

We are doing heavy singles/max attempts on lifts again this week. After last week, you should have a good sense of what you are capable of, and often it is easier to get to a new max once going heavy is more familiar. We will start on percentages next week, so make that you keep track of your lifts. The program is designed to base percentages off of you true 1Rm.

Week 7



(A) Back Squat – Heavy Single


·      20 dumbbell walking lunges

·      20 dumbbell power cleans

·      20 dumbbell push press

·      350m farmers carry

·      20 dumbbell push press

·      20 dumbbell power cleans

·      20 dumbbell walking lunges

(C) At least 100 ABMAT sit-ups


 (A1) Dumbbell bench press – 4 x 8 – 10

(A2) Dumbbell Row – 4 x 8 - 10

(B) “Helen”


·      Run 400m

·      21 kettlebell swings

·      12 pull ups

(C1) KB side bends – 3 x 8/side

(C2) 3 x 30s weighted plank


(A) Push Press – Heavy single

(B) 5 RFT

·      14 overhead lunge, bumper plate

·      12 burpees onto bumper plate

·      10 toes to bar


(C1) 3 x 10 – 15 ab wheel

(C2) 60s/side knee in corner stretch


(A) Deadlift – Heavy single

(B) 5 RFT

·      10 deadlifts, 50%

·      20 push - ups

 (C) 3 x 30s weighted side plank

(D) stretch pecs, 60s/side


(A) Front Squat – Heavy single

(B) AMRAP in 3 minutes x 2, rest 1 minute

·      12 dumbbell snatch

·      8 chest to bar pull – ups

then (1 time each),

·      run 400m

·      40 burpees



(C1) 3 x 6 – 8 SLDL

(C2) 3 x 10 – 15 ab wheel


00:00 – 30:00



Rest 45-60s between each movement;

Rest as needed after chin over bar hold


60s Double Under Practice (attempts, max unbroken, etc);


Bottom Squat Box Jump x 5 (start from bottom of squat position, then jump onto box)


5/side KBS Windmill


Front Squat w/ 1s pause at bottom x 5 (mod-tough weight, NO rounding);


10-15s Supinated Grip Chin Over Bar Hold


30:00 – 40:00


90s AB @85%

Rest 6 minutes

90s AB @85%

*try to match calories both times

Monday, May 14th - Sunday, May 20th.

We have been building up to 1 rep maxes over the last 8 weeks. It is important to utilize the time allotted to work up to a true 1RM. We want to make sure that we are making progress, and an easy way to do that is to keep track of your 1 rep maxes for certain lifts. We also do a lot of work based on percentages of 1 rep maxes. If you don’t test these, or keep track, you are just guessing each time a percentage shows up and you are not getting the full benefit of the program.


It can be tricky building up to your new 1RM, as you don’t want to jump right into the heavy weights, but you also don’t want to take so many sets, that you wear yourself out.


Start with the empty bar as we always do, then follow something like this:

35% x 5 reps

45% x 5 reps

55% x 3 reps

65% x 3 reps

75% x 1 reps

85% x 1

92% x 1

97% x 1

102% x 1 (new PR)

You can get there a number of different ways, this is just a set/rep scheme that has been successful for myself and many of my athletes. There is not much point in going to 100% of your previous best for 1 rep. If you make it, your body is tired for the next set, which would is potentially a new PR. You want all the energy possible for a one rep max.

If you go slightly under (say, 97% or so) and then above your previous best (say, 102% or so), your body will have slightly more energy for that new PR attempt. Even if you miss the PR attempt, your 1RM is still the same, you just set yourself better than if you had just tied your previous best.


Get fired up, let’s see some big lifts this week. Don't forget to sign up for the beginners (11 am) or advanced (noon) kipping workshop this Sunday.


 A) Power clean – 10 minutes to work on light sets of 3

B) 20s AB @80%

Rest 2 mins

15s AB @85%

Rest 4 mins

10s AB @90%


Rest as needed, and then (in two heats if needed):



32/15 cal AB @100% -max effort.*

5 Burpee Over Bar

In time remaining, find: 

1RM Power Clean + Front Squat**

*cut off at 1:30

**Set up an easy weight beforehand


(D1) Hollow hold – 3 x 35s

(D2) V – ups – 3 x 18





(A1) Deadlift – max

(A2) Ring Dip – max



5 DB Strict Press

5 DB Push Press

5/side DB Front Rack Lunge

200m run


Rest 4



5/side DB Reverse Lunge

5 DB Power Clean

5 DB Thrusters

200m run


(<=35/20 – light weights; goal is to never stop moving throughout).


3 minutes row/bike @20min pace, immediately into

2 rounds of AMRAP @20min pace


10 mins rest, and then as a class together into…



8 toes to bar

10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk

14/12 cal row


9/5 cal AB




(A1) Jerk – max

(A2) strict pull – up – max weight



35 Double Unders/50 singles

20 Burpee Over Bar*

35 DU/50 SU

20 Power Clean

35 DU/50 SU

20 Front Squat

35 DU/50 SU

20 Shoulder to Overhead

35 DU/50 SU

20 Pull Ups/Ring Rows



*"Open Standard" - two foot jump into and over. 

Challenge: to complete 1 round, doable IF paced correctly


(C) Side plank – 3 x 40s each




Back squat – max


8 rounds for time


8 Box Jump/Step Overs

8 Thruster (<=95/65)


(time cap: 14 minutes)



A1. Strict Press x 5 reps; rest 30-45s
A2. 10-15s Chin Over Bar Hold; rest 30-45s
A3. 1 minute row @75% effort, rest 2 minutes

x 3-4 sets 


then, for time:


1000m row

25 WB

15 Pull Up/Ring Row

15 Push Ups

25 WB

50/35 cal AB


Monday, May 7th - Sunday, May 13th

We will be holding a beginners kipping class, and an advanced kipping class on Sunday, May 20th. Each class will be limited to 10 participants. Please reserve a spot online via ZenPlanner if you would like to attend. Please do not reserve if you are not certain that you can make it, as it will take a spot from someone else.

There are still some spaces left for the BodySpec Dexascan this Wednesday. I highly encourage everyone to do this at least a couple times a year to see if your body composition is improving. You can register via the BodySpec website here.




(A1) Deadlift – 2 RM

(A2) Ring Dip – 2 RM


OTM x 5

1: 5 KBS + (Max AB Calories in 15s)

2: 5 Wall Balls + (Max Burpees in 15s)


At the 12:00mark:


For time:

2 rounds

18 WB

18 KBS


(C1) Hollow hold – 3 x 35s

(C2) V – ups – 3 x 18





(A1) Tall snatch + OHS  5 x (2 + 1)

(A2) Weighted pull – up – 5 x 2


4 rounds rest as needed between movements


12side DB Reverse Lunges (mod-challenging weight)


12 side Kneeling Single Arm DB Press


35s Arms Only Assault Bike


15 beat swings – practice controlling rhythm


8 Box Jumps 


(C) Ab wheel – 3 x 10 - 15



[Keep weights light and snappy, should be at a pace in which you never stop moving]



300m/250m row

8 Burpee Over Rower (step over if need)

16 DB Overhead Lunge

16 Side Plank Hip Raises


Rest 8 minutes



16/9 cal AB

16 Barbell Front Rack Lunges (75/55)

30 FLR Shoulder Taps

30 Double Unders/50 Singles



(A1) Jerk – 2 RM

(A2) strict pull – up – 3 sets for max reps


3 rounds for time

rest = work;

2 rounds for time

rest = work;

1 round for time  


6 Power Clean

6 Shoulder to Overhead

6 No Push Up Lateral Burpee Over Bar

6 Pull Ups




(C) Side plank – 3 x 35s each



(A) Back squat – 2 RM




Toes to Bar/Knee Raises

Burpee Over Bar

Thrusters (<=95/65)

[go back to beginning if finish]




350m run

5 Heavy Farmers Carries from Rig to AB and back

10 (High) Box Jump Overs

15s Chin Over Bar hold

20 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

25 Wall Balls

30s/side Side Plank

35 Double Unders/50 Single

40s FLR

18/10 AB cal