• My friend told me he hurt himself doing this, is CrossFit dangerous?

Just like any activity, there is some level of risk associated with entering a new fitness regimen. However, most CrossFit injuries are sustained by athletes who are over reaching in terms of their ability level. Leave your ego at the door.

  • What can I do to best prepare myself for CrossFit?

Full disclosure of any and all limitations you are aware of should be the first priority. The better our coaches can get to know you the more effective they can be at implementing our program to you appropriately.

  • What should I eat before class?

This depends on the workout. If we are only lifting weights you may be able to eat a full meal just a few minutes before starting and if we are doing high intensity energy system work you will want to workout on an empty stomach to prevent anything from coming back up. Fueling is highly individualized and we recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our trainers to discuss these factors in more detail.

  • What’s a snatch? Clean? Jerk…? Actually, what are any of these exercises???

Many of our exercises have strange names. Visit the exercise library at Catalyst Athletics for properly performed video descriptions of the exercise in question and Weightlifting terminology.