If you've been considering starting a new exercise regimen you've come to the right place. At Amity we recognize joining a gym can be awkward and sometimes a little scary. We make every effort to make the process of joining as comfortable as possible. We want to know why you're joining the gym and what goals you might have. This is important because we want you to achieve YOUR goals.

Our group classes implement a single program, but within these workouts we can make adjustments or, as you may have heard before, we can scale the workout to you. So if you're someone who wants to lose a few pounds, have more energy throughout the day, and feel healthy in general, we are going to encourage you to keep weights relatively light and focus on good quality movement along with a heavy emphasis on a healthy diet and sleep schedule to support you in this endeavor. On the other hand, if you come to us looking to compete in the CrossFit Games (as an extreme example), we are going to want to provide you with extra workouts and we are going to want you to lift heavy often and challenge yourself on a daily basis. 

So, even within our group program, individual goals are accommodated. And while we stand by our knowledge about nutrition and training, we realize this knowledge should be applied differently to each person. We are here to assist, support, and challenge you on your path to greater fitness and fulfillment.

Once you're ready to talk to us about joining use the contact form in the right sidebar and we can get you all the information you'll need to start. If everything sounds good, we will get you in for a free consultation where we can show you around the gym and answer any further questions you may have at that point.