The first thing you need to do is email us using our contact form to the right of any page of our website. Tell us who you are and why you are looking to start a new exercise program. Any goals you may have are important to us and we'd love to know you as well as possible right away. 
We promise to get back to you right away. We will ask you a few more questions, go over the pricing structure, and finally, ask you about your schedule so we can schedule you for a free consultation. 
In the consultation we will take you through the gym and go over the class structure and answer any remaining questions you may have. We are also happy to go through some movements with you to get a idea about your level of fitness and determine the best way for you to enter our program.


Based up our consultation we will suggest 1 of 3 options for you to get started:
 If you are healthy, and have been relatively active, we will send you to do a trial class and experience our program first hand.
Another option, for individuals who may be deconditioned, or nervous about starting, is to start with private training sessions. These are great because you get focused 1-on-1 instruction in a low key, no pressure environment at the scheduling of your choosing.
Consult a physician to determine if exercise is safe for you. At Amity we take our training very seriously and safety is our number 1 priority. We want to make sure you are healthy and stay that way in our program

Once we have all the information and know when you want to come to the gym we will create an account for you so you can log into our system. You can fill out our waiver online before arriving. Please take the time to read through the waiver before signing.
Now you're all set. We know who you are, your waiver is filled out, and it's time to show up and do your first workout at Amity. Come 10 minutes early. This will give you time to find our parking lot, which is accessed behind the gym by turning on Matadero at the stop light, and get inside without feeling rushed. Make sure to introduce yourself to the coach in charge, then hang tight and wait for the class to begin.


Follow the coaches instructions, ask questions, take the weights super light and focus on learning the movements and performing them as precisely as your ability allows. Our coaches are experts in teaching the movements of CrossFit and will take the time to get to know you and deliver the program in a way that helps you get the most out of each day.